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CPDP Data Protection and Democracy

30.01.19 – 01.02.19


Our SaaS-solution checks mobile apps using static and dynamic analysis, to detect vulnerabilities and risky behavior. The result is the strongest black- and whitelisting portfolio with secure and productive apps on the market. The reviewed app-portfolio enables increased productivity, as well as the automated protection of company data in every mobile IT environment. By enhancing leading MDM systems with APPVISORY functions, security and data protection can be ensured.


The APPVISORY app portfolio with several hundred thousand app-analyses is permanently being optimized and refined. Apps in use that are not yet part of the database run through a realtime-risk evaluation, to offer companies a way of swift decision making. MDM systems can be combined with APPVISORY’s capabilities and can be integrated automatically to increase the security and data protection on mobile devices significantly without extra effort.


With the help of static and dynamic analyses, mobile apps are being tested to detect vulnerabilities and risky behavior. The technology is constantly being developed and optimized by IT security experts to ensure continuous protection of company data and GDPR compliance.


The app-portfolio is growing continuously and stays updated at version updates using Re-Tests. The cloud based approach makes APPVISORY independent of existing hard- and software and therefore universally deployable.




The “TRUSTED APP” certificate confirms trustworthy compliance with data protection and data security guidelines. The auditing of in-house applications eliminates security concerns and risks to your IT infrastructure.

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