Secure your app and your users’ data with Germany’s leading app certification TRUSTED APP. Show your users that you take data security and privacy seriously.


TRUSTED APP is Germany’s leading quality certification for apps with regard to data privacy and data security. As an independent control authority, it helps companies and app developers to identify and rule out legally critical settings or unnoticed vulnerabilities.


Why companies should audit their apps

6 Million Apps

are available in the app stores – most without
risk assessment and recommendation for action

2/3 of all apps

usually harbor unplanned risks such as e.g.

  • EU-DSGVO violations
  • Incorrect server settings
  • Legally questionable third-party providers
  • Problematic data processing
  • Unnoticed malware & viruses
  • Unencrypted data transmission

Loss of data, damage to reptutation or even fines

are quickly the consequence for app publishers & companies

What are the advantages of TRUSTED APP

TRUSTED APP certification for the safety of you and your users

TRUSTED APP offers permanent protection after app certification

Protection against unnoticed security breaches & data loss

  • Exclusion of security concerns
  • Securing your own IT infrastructure
  • Protection of sensitive user data
TRUSTED APP security promise after app certification

Proof of compliance with safety standards

  • Promotionally effective
  • Confidence-building
  • Positive sales argument
  • Competitive advantage & distinguishing feature
  • Guidance for purchase or Download decisions
TRUSTED APP offers protection from negative headlines

Protection from negative headlines due to data scandals

  • Protection from negative press
  • Protection from damages to reputation
  • Prevention of penalties in case of data loss
  • Securing user numbers

App certification process



TRUSTED APP test procedure & seal of approval


Multi-stage auditing process

In our test lab, our experts subject your app to an in-depth data privacy and security analysis – including a review of the privacy policy.


Accompaniment to your secure app

We accompany you during the process and support you with our expertise in optimization issues.


Single test or flat rate for app updates

Do you want to have your app checked only once? Or regularly after each update? Both are possible.


Detailed test protocols

Following the audit, you will receive a detailed audit report summarizing all aspects of the analysis.


"TRUSTED APP" seal and online certificate

Finally, you will receive our TRUSTED APP seal, which you can use to certify the security level of your app to your potential users at the point of sale.


What happens during the TRUSTED APP certification process?

The auditing process

Our security experts examine the following aspects of the app, among others, during the multi-stage analysis process at the time of execution and in the source code:


Accesses & permissions

What data does the app access? Is it allowed to do so? Which third-party providers are integrated? Are they integrated in a compliant manner?


Data transfer

What data is processed? How is it transmitted? How is the data encrypted?


Server-side components

Are the servers configured correctly? Does the server only allow encrypted connections? Is an auth service integrated?


Privacy Policy

What does the privacy policy look like? Is it complete? Which aspects need to be mentioned?

Optimization support

In close exchange with the app publisher, we advise and support the optimization of the app.

TRUSTED APP Seal - App Certification

certified Apps

Apps awarded with the TRUSTED APP seal

eDoxBox App security certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
Numbrs Bitcoin Account - TRUSTED APP certified
mobil nrw app security certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
Ginlo Business security certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
VRN Ticket App security certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
Stackfield App security certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
Leipzig App Security Certified with the TRUSTED APP Seal
Smart Service Worlds App Security Certified with the TRUSTED APP Seal
Mobileatwork App Security Certified with the TRUSTED APP Seal
Schoolfox App security certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
Cinemaxx app security certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
Munich Navigator App safety certified with the TRUSTED APP seal
Tapio Service Board App Safety Certified with the TRUSTED APP Seal
Tapio Service Board App Safety Certified with the TRUSTED APP Seal
Tapio Service Board App Safety Certified with the TRUSTED APP Seal
Tapio Service Board App Safety Certified with the TRUSTED APP Seal
twinio App Logo
Worldline Healthcare - TRUSTED APP certified
Stoyl Logo
Flip Mitarbeiter-App

Guarantee of our app certification

Creating trust with safety

The TRUSTED APP seal serves as a reliable orientation and decision-making aid for users in the overcrowded app stores with regard to data protection and security. It guarantees the user during app use:

  • compliance with legal data protection & security guidelines
  • EU-DSGVO conformity / data economy
  • Encrypted transmission of sensitive data
  • protection against third-party access
  • authenticated recipients of the transmitted data
  • verified privacy policy

Experiences with our TRUSTED APP certification

What our TRUSTED APP customers say

“In addition to supporting local retailers, it was important to us from the very beginning to protect the data of our users in the best possible way. That’s why we have been awarded the TRUSTED APP seal to clearly demonstrate the confidential handling of data to the outside world.”

Chris Tolksdorf

CEO & Founder, NzBiz GmbH / STOYL

“Data security is not just a nice-to-have, but an essential component of our employee app. The TRUSTED APP seal is proof of this claim: It officially confirms to employees that their data is handled responsibly and thus creates an essential prerequisite for productive collaboration.”

Benedikt Ilg

CEO & Founder, Flip Mitarbeiter-App

Do you still have questions about our app certification?

Find answers in the FAQ or from our contact person

How long does the app certification take?

Auditing an app takes between 3 and 5 days, depending on the operating system.

Can I have all internal apps certified?

Yes, as a rule, all internal apps can be certified. The prerequisite for this is the .ipa or .apk format.

Are all app updates tested as well?

Depending on the service booked, we test all app updates (flat rate) or your favorite app version (one-time test).

Where can I use the seal?

The TRUSTED APP seal serves as a purchase orientation aid and differentiator in the highly competitive app market. Possible uses for the seal: app stores, mobile advertising, newsletters, image film, radio advertising, company presentations or press releases.

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