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Are you looking for a time-saving solution to evaluate the risk potential of the mobile apps you use, to obtain comprehensible and intuitively comprehensible results and to ensure the protection of your mobile device fleet? APPVISORY offers you exactly that and even more.

App Risk Management

  • Security classification of the top apps from the commissioned commercial app
  • Intuitively understandable security classification of apps in the APPVISORY evaluation procedure

Mobile Threat Detection

  • Identification of vulnerabilities and risky app behavior
  • Detection of malware through generic and heuristic scanning methods

Black- & Whitelisting

  • Automatic or manual assembly of apps for the creation of a basic Whitelist/Blacklist

  • Automatic synchronization of changed risk ratings of apps due to updated results

MDM Connect

  • Auomatic connection to leading MDM software

  • Scan of the app portfolio created in the MDM against the APPVISORY database

  • Transfer of an app portfolio to the MDM Whitelist/Blacklist

App Scan App Catalog

  • Extensive app catalog of continually tested apps

  • Automatic review of each app update

  • For Android and iOS

Administrator console

  • Development, service und hosting in Germany
  • Administrator access for APPVISORY ® management console per web-login

  • Export of individual test results and applicants as CSV, JSON and PDF


The APPVISORY app portfolio with several hundredthousand app-analyses is permanently being optimized and refined. Apps in use that are not yet part of the database run through a realtime-riskevaluation, to offer companys a way of swift decision making. MDM systems can be expanded by APPVISORY functions and can be integrated automatically to increase the security and dataprotection on mobile devices significantly without extra effort.


With the help of static and dynamic analyses mobile apps are being tested to detect vulnerabilities and risky behavior. The technology is being developed and optimized for years to come by IT securityexperts to ensure continuous protection of company data and GDPR compliance.


The app-portfolio is growing continuously and stays updated at versionupdates using Re-Tests. The cloudbased approach makes APPVISORY indepent of hard- and software circumstances and universally deployable. App risk management is therefore usable in every IT environment.

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Violations against Data Protection Regulations

Invalid general terms and conditions and data privacy policies

Data storage in the cloud

Uncontrolled dataflow to non-company servers

Mobile Threats

Malware and other threats

Violation of data privacy

Access to personal data

Violation of Data Security

Insecure data transfer and prohibited server locations

Unsafe data storage on the device

Unsafe storage of sensible data on the device

Third-Party Suppliers

Prohibited connections and data transfers to third-party suppliers and unsafe third-party libraries

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„The protection of sensitive company data is our top priority and must be transferred seamlessly to the mobile sector. We recognized the need for external app analysis at an early stage and therefore decided to implement a scalable and professional App Risk Management solution.“

Guido Tesch, System Ergonomics Architect DEVK

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Security Engine

Our Security Engine offers you extensive, fully automated risk analyses for all public and in-company apps on the leading mobile operating systems. This is ensured through the combination of SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing). These procedures are augmented by new innovative approaches of intelligent pattern-, virus- and malware detection.

App Scan

  • Unlimited apps

  • Automated check of every update

  • Real-time process for additional app requests

  • Extensive check-criteria catalogue with more than 70 criterias per check

    • e.g. third-party libraries, including tracking, analytics, advertising
    • server connections
    • data access
  • Detailed security configuration

  • Testing of apps with infrastructure linkage, as well as foreign-language apps

  • Appscan+ analysis results are enriched by NowSecure technology


  • Semi-auomatic test by experienced app security analysts

  • Extended plausibility check including target server, neccessity of data transfer, anonymization/pseudonymization according to GDPR, integration of third-party suppliers, general recommendation of deployment within the company and many more.

  • Testing of all significant updates that display major changes of the app code

  • Additional verification of the test results by an app security supervisor

  • Extensive Expert Analysis report as an audit report

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APPVISORY ist das intuitive Tool für kleine, mittelständische und große Unternehmen zur Absicherung von Smartphones und Tablets. Europas führende Mobile Application Management-Software schlägt als erste Lösung die Brücke zwischen deutschen Datenschutz- und Datensicherheits-Standards und der nachhaltigen Sensibilisierung und Akzeptanz der Anwender.

Die APPVISORY App unterstützt im Berufsalltag und ist an das private Nutzungsverhalten angelehnt. APPVISORY schafft so eine gleichermaßen produktive wie sichere Arbeitsumgebung.

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Security & User Acceptance

APPVISORY is the intuitive tool for small, medium and large companies to secure smartphones and tablets. Europe’s leading mobile application management software is the first solution to bridge the gap between German data protection and data security standards and the sustained sensitisation and acceptance of users.

The APPVISORY app supports the daily work routine and is based on private usage patterns. APPVISORY thus creates a system that is both productive and safe.