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Are you looking for a time-saving app security solution to evaluate the risk potential of your deployed mobile apps and ensure the protection of your mobile devices? APPVISORY offers exactly that and more.

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APPVISORY is a solution that enables you to decide on the use of mobile applications within your company based on modern testing and analysis procedures. APPVISORY alerts you to risk potentials such as insecure data connections, third-party access and malware. You decide which security factors are relevant for your company or individual user groups within your company and optionally integrate the test results into your existing Mobile Device Management (MDM).

APPVISORY App Management

App Security with APPVISORY 


App Risk Management

  • Security classification of the top apps from the commissioned commercial app stores
  • Intuitively understandable security classification of apps in the APPVISORY ® evaluation procedure
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Mobile Threat Detection

  • Identification of vulnerabilities and risky app behavior
  • Detection of malware through generic and heuristic scanning methods

Mobile Device Management Integration

  • Automatic connection to leading MDM software
  • Scan of the app portfolio created in the MDM against the APPVISORY database
  • Transfer of an app portfolio to the MDM Whitelist/Blacklist
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App Scan Catalog

  • Extensive app catalog of continually tested apps
  • Automatic review of each app update
  • For Android and iOS
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  • Development, service und hosting in Germany
  • Administrator access for APPVISORY ® management console via web-login
  • Export of individual test results and applists as CSV, JSON and PDF
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Black- & Whitelisting

  • Automatic or manual selection of apps for the creation of a basic Whitelist/Blacklist
  • Automatic synchronization of changed risk ratings of apps due to updated results

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Using static and dynamic analysis, APPVISORY screens mobile apps to identify vulnerabilities as well as risky behavior.


Violations against Data Protection Regulations

Invalid general terms and conditions and data privacy policies

Data storage in the cloud

Uncontrolled dataflow to non-company servers


Mobile Threats

Mobile Threat Detection detects malware and other threats

Violation of data privacy

Access to personal data

Violation of Data Security

Insecure data transfer and prohibited server locations

Unsafe data storage on the device

Unsafe storage of sensible data on the device

Third-Party Suppliers

Prohibited connections and data transfers to third-party suppliers and unsafe third-party libraries

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Excerpt from the german IT-Grundschutz Compendium

SYS.3.2.2.A14 – Use of external reputation services for apps

If the administrators of an institution cannot select the permitted apps themselves and users are allowed to install apps on their devices independently, a so-called reputation service should be used. This is an external service that examines apps according to certain criteria and provides the results as a service. The MDM should then use this information to at least restrict the installation of apps.

    Bitte füllen Sie das Formular aus, um das Dokument herunterzuladen.

    Haftungsausschluss: Ich habe die Hinweise zum Datenschutz gelesen und stimme der Erhebung, Verarbeitung und Nutzung der von mir auf dem Registrierungsformular angegebenen Daten, wie sie nachfolgend beschrieben werden, zu. Ich behalte mir das Recht vor, meine Einwilligung jederzeit durch ein Schreiben an zu widerrufen (bitte verwenden Sie dazu den Betreff "Widerruf der Datenverwendung"). Die eingegebenen Daten werden ausschließlich von mediaTest digital verwendet. Die Daten werden in der Datenbank von mediaTest digital gespeichert und im Rahmen von Direktmarketing-Kampagnen genutzt.


    These and many other companies rely on products and services from mediaTest digital:

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    APPVISORYs Security Engine provides comprehensive, fully automated risk analyses for all public and in-house apps of the leading mobile operating systems by combining SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing). These methods are complemented by our innovative approaches for intelligent pattern-, virus- and malware detection.

    APPVISORY zeigt die App Security Einstellungen auf einem iMac PC
    • Unlimited amount of apps
    • Automatic checks of app updates
    • Real-time process for additional app requests
    • Checking of apps with infrastructure connection as well as foreign language apps
    • Extensive criteria catalog with more than 70 criteria per check
       e.g. third-party libraries including tracking, analytics, advertising
      ⧁ Server connections
      ⧁ data access
      ⧁ Detailed security configuration

    Automated dynamic and static analysis of additional test criteria:

    • Checking for common vulnerabilities and unwanted data processing
    • Network traffic analysis
    • Data storage
    • Encryption (methods and key strengths)
    • Codequality
    • Framework, permissions, third parties
    • Semi-automated test procedure by experienced app security analysts
    • Extended plausibility checks including target servers, need for data transfers, anonymization/pseudonymization according to EU-GDPR, integration of third-party providers, general recommendation for use in companies etc.
    • Review of all significant updates that have major changes to the app code
    • Additional verification of test results by an app security supervisor
    • Comprehensive PrePentest report


    Can APPVISORY prevent data access or outgoing data connections of the apps?

    In the current version APPVISORY analyzes the access- and data sending behaviour of the app and provides all important information to make decisions about app use and how harmful apps can be kept out of the company network. The app behavior is not influenced yet but the APPVISORY team is working on such a solution.

    Which risks and dangers does APPVISORY protect me from?

    APPVISORY protects you from data leakage, data thievery, industrial espionage, movement tracking, malware and the unwanted creation of personal profiles. In addition you get the information whether certain applications comply with the requirements of the EU-GDPR.

    Can I connect my MDM to APPVISORY?

    Absolutely. We offer a direct connection for a large number of MDM systems. We also offer exports via CSV and JSON.

    Can I customize APPVISORY according to company specifications and compliance regulations?

    Yes. APPVISORY can be tailored exactly to your company‘s needs and even to individual user groups within your company through individual security configurations.

    What are the main advantages for my employees from using APPVISORY?

    Using APPVISORY protects your employees from the dangers of everyday mobile life. By using APPVISORY the employees have a reliable basis for decision-making for or against the integration of certain applications into the corporate IT environment.

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