The iOS operating system: How secure is it really?

iOS is the mobile operating system developed by Apple for its iPhone. It is a closed system. This means that Apple specifies which hardware and software is used. For a long time, therefore, the myth was that Apple devices are always secure.

This sense of security harbors a great danger: that users rest on it and become careless. Lately, Apple seems to be losing its status as an impregnable fortress, which the tech giant claims for itself. In fact, the threat against Apple devices is increasing more and more.


Here's what you can take away from this whitepaper:

  • What security features does the iOS system offer?
  • What problems do these security features pose?
  • Where do the dangers lurk at the application level?
  • Which apps can become a risk?
  • Which malware also affects iOS systems?
  • Which threats are device-based?
  • What threats can affect iOS users the network?

For each of these questions, this 12-page white paper provides concrete solutions and approaches to circumventing these threats. It serves as a guide for private individuals and companies to move and work securely with the iOS operating system.

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